Why Complete Property Management Solutions Ltd

Why Complete Property
Management Solutions Ltd

By appointing us, you will not only be guaranteeing all your legal obligations are dealt with, but can rest assured that your development is being expertly managed in a cost effective manner.

  • We provide a one stop shop.
  • We have a totally professional outlook.
  • We are proactive and always act in accordance with appropriate time-scales.
  • We ensure all services we purchase on your behalf are both necessary and competitively priced.
  • We price check all your services and save you money (average reductions 20-38% 60%  achieved).
  • We offer friendly and carefully considered advice.
  • We provide excellent value for money for all our clients.

Management is an ongoing and long-term commitment. It is a full time job requiring the skills and infrastructure to support this very specialist area of residential property management. A professional Managing Agent acts for you, not instead of you. Apart from the skills and methodology, having a professional property management agent will ensure that any action is independent of private interests while the unpleasantness of debt collection and disputes is de-personalised.

Residential Property Management is a largely practical exercise; it requires effort, time, organisational skill and care. Managers will be concerned with the fabric of the building, accounting, financial forecasting, enforcement of the lease, debt collection and the duties of Company Secretary.

An apartment block or building will not manage itself, nor will the interests of those who own its parts be best served if it is left to do so. You can do it - but do you really want to? From the management and administration of residential apartment blocks, to their upkeep, maintenance & cleaning, we can take care of everything you and your residents need and save you money!

Residential Property Management Services include:

  • Service fee collection
  • Maintenance forecasts & contracts
  • Annual maintenance programmes
  • Communal area servicing
  • Minimise Service Charge levels
  • Obtain value for money from other service-providers
  • Respond to solicitors’ pre-sale enquiries
  • Manage Insurance claims

Large or small, our flexible approach to residential property management means that residents benefit from regular maintenance and repair programmes whilst landlords and developers benefit from expertly managed properties and happy residents.

We will deal with all aspects of the management of your development and, where appropriate, your Limited Management Company.

We have a proven track record and have staff based in most city centres each and every day to meet your immediate needs. Complete cover Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Lancashire, Cheshire and the Northwest primarily but have clients throughout England and North Wales. A reactive agent is often necessary in addition to planned and preventative maintenance.

The Directors at Complete have experienced poor management as a lessee which led to the formation of the Company over 10 years ago. We feel this places us in a unique position to relate to lessees and ensure their expectations are met.

Compete are also available from day one to:

  • provide general advice to purchasers
  • facilitate sales and answer solicitors' pre-sale enquiries
  • liaise between purchasers and you, the developer with snagging issues
  • educate and explain to the owners when responsibility is their own

If you are transferring the freehold, we can also organise the smooth hand-over of the freehold. We would welcome an opportunity to meet you and discuss your needs further.



  • Respond to issues within appropriate time-scales
  • Provide residents with a regular Newsletter
  • Provide you with a website to include useful local links


  • Provide computerised accounting system for collection of service charges
  • Chase service charge debtors
  • Minimize service charge levels
  • Obtain value for money from other service-providers and keep to budget
  • Provide budgetary advice on future maintenance, repairs and running costs
  • Provide detailed accounts, recording all financial transactions
  • Provide annual accounts and company secretary legal documents
  • Provide the collection and settlement of invoices

Property Maintenance

Typically each lease will outline the developments needs. This may include the appointment and management of cleaners, gardeners, caretakers etc. In addition, the manager will plan the property maintenance & cleaning programme's to include cleaning requirements, collection of refuse, minor repairs and organising major remedial work and any section 20 requirements.

It is normal that any Management Company will be responsible for the maintenance needs of the development. This can/will include:

  • Common Parts - to maintain, repair, clean, redecorate, renew and rebuild whenever reasonably required the Common Parts including boundary walls, fences and railings, balconies and terraces and their surrounds. In most circumstances, the replacement of failed glazing is the Lessees responsibility and NOT the Management Company.
  • External Areas - to maintain, repair, light, clean, rebuild and resurface (whenever reasonably required) the Access ways, car parking areas, drives, paths, light wells and open areas on the Development that are not privately owned.
  • Service Installations - to maintain, repair, replace, renew and (if appropriate) redecorate (whenever reasonably required) Service Media not exclusively serving the Property, traps, meters, vents, ducts, chutes, manholes, refuse enclosures and sanitary equipment on the Development.
  • Internal Areas - to maintain, repair, redecorate, furnish, replace and renew (whenever reasonably required) light, heat and clean the entrances, halls, landings, staircases, smoke lobbies, fire escapes and other parts of the Block (if any) available for use by the Tenant in common with other occupiers of the Block.
  • Plant and Equipment - to operate, maintain, repair, redecorate, replace and renew (whenever reasonably required) the lighting, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, security systems, entry phone systems, public address systems, television and radio relay systems and traffic control systems (if any) as installed in the Block.
  • Buildings Insurance - to insure the Buildings at all times under a policy or policies providing to the Landlord and the Management Company and their respective lessees and mortgagees during the Term to their full reinstatement value against loss or damage by (but not limited to or restricted to) fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, storm or flood water damage, riot, civil commotion, vandalism, theft, subsidence and/or heave and landslip, aircraft, property-owner’s liability, third party liability (including adequate amounts in respect of professional costs) and such risks (if any) as the Management Company or Landlord shall from time to time think fit in an insurance office of repute and in the event of the Buildings being damaged or destroyed by an insured risk as soon as reasonably practicable to lay out the insurance monies in the repair rebuilding or reinstatement of the Buildings and in the event of the insurance monies being insufficient to make up the deficiency out of its own monies.
  • Gardens etc. - to carry out landscaping, gardening and provision and cultivation of plants, shrubs and flowers, affecting gardens, landscaped areas, window boxes, entrance halls and other common parts.
  • Open Space Areas - to maintain the areas of open space within the Development including any trees, bushes or planting and any play areas or play equipment comprised therein including cutting the grass and trimming or lopping trees and bushes as often as shall be required and maintaining and replacing any play equipment as often as is necessary to ensure that such play equipment is in a safe and usable condition.

Mandatory Requirements

Appoint & manage contractors to deal with your legal obligations to include:

  • Buildings Insurance* (process claims & liaise between all relevant parties)
  • Directors liability insurance for committee members
  • Periodic testing and maintenance plans to include
  • Electrical tests
  • Water cleanliness & tank cleaning/maintenance
  • Lift testing
  • Plant and equipment
  • Fire alarm testing

We will make monthly site inspections and provide property maintenance reports offering a 24-hour emergency reporting helpline and a rapid response service for dealing with problems should they arise.

Property Management

Typically each lease will outline the developments needs. This may include the appointment and management of cleaners, gardeners, caretakers etc. In addition, the manager will plan the property maintenance & cleaning programme's to include cleaning requirements, collection of refuse, minor repairs and organising major remedial work and any section 20 requirements.

It is normal that any Management Company will be responsible for the maintenance needs of the development. This can/will include:

  • Help manage your Management Company efficiently and without fuss
  • Arrange meetings of Directors/Residents
  • Arrange, chair and minute meetings of Directors and AGM's 
  • Call and attend AGM's (and chairing if required)
  • Complete your annual returns to the Registrar of Companies
  • Provide and service a Registered Office for the Management Company
  • Maintain a residents database for emergency contact numbers

Complete Property Management Solutions are a property maintenance agency working for developers, residents associations and Right To Manage companies in Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, North Wales and across the Northwest and England.

Residential Code of Practice

Contractual Duties

  • Upon appointment, to agree in writing the terms of our appointment (providing details where required).
  • To make clear our fee structure and the categories of other services for which additional fees may be charged.
  • To manage the property in compliance with all the current applicable legislation, terms of leases and contract documentation.
  • To provide as cost effective a service as is reasonably possible within the constraints of prudent and planned maintenance.
  • To seek suitable references for contractors (whether preferred or selected by clients or lessees) where requested, and where contracted to do so, that all final work is checked and signed off before funds are released.
  • Provide guidance to the client as to the insurance requirements under the lease terms. If requested by the client, we can liaise with suitable insurers to supply an appropriate level of insurance cover, based on an independent valuation, sufficient to meet the client's obligations.

Financial Duties

  • To ensure that clients’ money is kept separate from office accounts and held in a recognised bank or building society in a clearly designated ‘Client A/c'.
  • To ensure that clients’ money is properly and regularly accounted for.
  • To deposit sinking funds in an appropriate interest-bearing account to earn interest to the credit of that account.
  • To keep detailed records of all transactions relating to the client’s property with all expenditure made from the client’s account suitably authorised.
  • To ensure that annual or other required periodic accounting is carried out promptly, ensuring adequate supporting information is provided or available for inspection.

Standards of Service Offered to Clients

  • To provide a courteous and professional service to lessees, tenants and contractors. To as far as is possible ensure that, in all dealings, there is no bias and that all are treated equally.
  • To maintain a database of all leases and tenancies. To deal with enquiries promptly, particularly where information is required to assist in a sale and provide a pre-sale information pack.
  • To be familiar with the terms of the leases and tenancies applicable to the property managed and to deal with lessees and tenants both in the spirit of the legal requirements as well as in the letter of the law.
  • To maintain/implement procedures to deal with repairs within an appropriate time scale having regard to the urgency of the matter and the availability of funds.
  • To actively and regularly consult with Residents’ Committee/Associations/Groups (even where they are not a formally recognized Residents’ Committee / Association) and to encourage representatives to become part of the decision making process.
  • To discuss and consult with Residents’ Committee/Associations where major works are contemplated, and to meet the statutory requirements.
  • To manage the development by enforcing covenants for the common good, fairly and without favour, where so instructed.
  • To declare any interest in any contractor or business employed to provide services at the property that may be associated with the managing agent.
  • To place the fullest emphasis on any matter relating to health and safety and environmental legislation, bringing to the urgent attention of landlords and/or residents any areas of concern.
  • To use all reasonable efforts, both in the interests of landlords and tenants, to settle disputes by mediating and negotiating with all relevant parties.


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Complete Property Management has been an excellent partner for Anchorage Quay Management Company. Attentive, pro-active and full of ideas and invaluable experience, we are delighted that our development is in safe hands...

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