What to expect from our management agency

What to expect from our management agency


  • Respond to issues within appropriate time-scales
  • Provide clients with a regular Newsletter
  • Provide you with a website to include useful local links


  • Provide computerised accounting system for collection of rent charges
  • Chase debtors
  • Minimize operating levels
  • Obtain value for money from other service-providers and keep to budget
  • Provide budgetary advice on future maintenance, repairs and running costs
  • Provide detailed accounts, recording all financial transactions
  • Provide annual accounts
  • Provide the collection and settlement of invoices

Property Maintenance

Appoint & manage cleaners, gardeners, caretakers etc. Plan property maintenance & cleaning programme's to include:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, annual cleaning
  • Collection of refuse
  • Window cleaning
  • External building cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Organising minor repairs
  • Organising major remedial work

Mandatory Requirements

Appoint & manage contractors to deal with your legal obligations to include:

  • Buildings Insurance* (process claims & liaise between all relevant parties)
  • Periodic testing and maintenance plans to include
  • Electrical tests
  • Water cleanliness & tank cleaning/maintenance
  • Lift testing
  • Plant and equipment
  • Fire alarm testing

We will make monthly site inspections and provide property maintenance reports offering a 24-hour emergency reporting helpline and a rapid response service for dealing with problems should they arise.

Your property management company should…

…tailor its services to suit your individual requirements. This flexible approach means that it should offer all, or just a selection, of the desired services you require to ensure complete property management.

Complete Property Management Solutions are a property maintenance agency working for developers, residents associations and Right To Manage companies in Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, North Wales and across the Northwest and England.

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Complete Property Management has been an excellent partner for Anchorage Quay Management Company. Attentive, pro-active and full of ideas and invaluable experience, we are delighted that our development is in safe hands...

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