Ilex Mill, Rawtenstall, Rossendale

Case Study 2: Rising energy prices

Project Description: LED Upgrade & Energy Saving

Location: Ilex Mill, Rawtenstall, Rossendale

Private residential apartment blocks face the same problems of rising energy prices as do all commercial and private premises.  As part of our continued commitment to existing and new clients, we suggested to our clients an alternative solution to help reduce energy, repairs & consumable costs.

The Expectations

These works were not urgent or necessarily required - just optional. As part of our remit, we were challenged with helping our client achieve long term savings whilst helping to reduce the future capital expenditure. The upgrade was to provide an immediate and measurable impact on the sites energy bills whilst proving its long term efficiency.

Our Solution

Based on a suitable return on investment, our client agreed to keep the existing fittings and replace the internal parts with new LED technology. By analyzing spend and the cost of consumables/repairs, we have been able to calculate payback of upgrades for each client. Based on disconnecting switch gears and altering wiring to lamp holder to take led tube, the works were quick and easy to undertake. Using the existing fluorescent light fittings in the Car Park (102 5ft 58 watt fluorescent fittings), we were able to demonstrate a return on investment within 12 months.

The existing lights were as follows: 102 x 58 watts=5916 watts for 365 days of the year=51824 KWH x average tariff of 12p per unit Electricity charges for 12 months £6,218 Average life of one 5ft 58 watt fluorescent tube=10,000 hours plus Average price of one 5ft 58 watt fluorescent tube=£3 per lamp and 40p per starter (Total £3.40)

Results, Expectations and Savings:

The Proposed lighting upgrade using retrofit led tubes to existing fittings with wiring alteration were as follows:

3 year manufacturers guarantee on LED Lamps 102 x 22 watts = 2,244 watts for 365 days of the year=19,657 KWH x average tariff of 12p per unit Electricity charges for 12 months £2,358 Average life of one 5ft 22 watt LED Tube=30,000 hours plus (In good conditions 50,000 hours plus) Investment £4,202

Total saving of £4,532 equal to 66% savings

This equated to a return on investment of less than 12 months!

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