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Areas Covered


We provide professional residential management services to clients with apartment blocks in Lytham.  With the greater availability of apartments in Lytham, developments need to be expertly managed to ensure the highest return on investment at resale. Managing agents provide a variety of services to ensure this happens.

At complete property management solutions our residential property management service is tailored exclusively to your developments needs. Whether you require a complete residential property management programme or just communal area servicing, our commitment is to ensure the highest level of service, whilst proving to be cost effective. This flexible approach means that we can offer all, or just a selection, of the desired services you require to ensure complete property management.

As your property management agent, regular site visits and strong communication channels are essential in order that we can improve and maintain the desired level of service. If your managing agent does not visit the site, how can they understand the issues that you may have or even know what your queries relate to?

Like most residential management companies providing block management in Lytham, the usual services such as maintenance forecasts and communal area servicing are available. However, the most noticeable difference will be guaranteeing the highest level of service is maintained, whilst proving to be cost effective.

Areas Covered

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Complete Property Management has been an excellent partner for Anchorage Quay Management Company. Attentive, pro-active and full of ideas and invaluable experience, we are delighted that our development is in safe hands...

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